2. Each day practiced the piano for hours.
The correct answer is :

Each day she practises the piano for hours.
The answer is wrong(W) because there are no subject in sentence and present tense use verb I not verb II/III.



5.Pleasantly greets everyone in all the offices every morning

Answer : WRONG, because there is no subject and in the sentence has a verb, the verb in the sentence is “greets”

The correct answer is :       

She pleasantly greets everyone in all the offices every morning



TOEFL Exercise


9. The two biggest resort____Arkansas are Hot Springs and Eureka Springs.

a. in

b. towns are

c. towns in

d. towns are in


The answer A (in) is incorrect because the subject (the two biggest resort) are plural so the resort must be added s

The answer B (towns are) and D ( towns are in) is incorrect because there are double to be are in the sentence.

The answer C (towns in) is best answer because added complement towns as a plural subject and Arkansas is the object of preposition in


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     8.   In a moment of worry about the problem with the cash in the account.

      The answer is wrong because there is no subject.

 The right answer is:

      In a moment she worries about the problem with the cash in the account.