Everything about me will be explained here

First, I want to introduce my self. My name is Heri Budi Setiawan, both of my parents was the one who gave the name. Later later on when it will be someone great I good pekertinya and also always adheres to a word loyalty. My father said Kalu fidelity is the price that died to a man and also the key to be appreciated by others. Actually my first name at that time not Heri but Hari later when I was 2 or 3 years elected name Heri. Perhaps the name heri used to honor the service of a friend’s father has been credited to my family.

my childhood

I was born in Jakarta on 17 October 1990 to be exact, at 12 pm Friday night. Plasticity scary was born in Friday night …hhe, on that day the Lord is presenting me this kedunia to perfect happiness to my family. the voice of weeping shall accompany my arrival to this world of that time. With a weight of 3 pounds my mother bore me with normal without any problem whit him.

This is a photo I took was 3 years old. These times are very happy for the same age as 3 years. I was received by my family first by my grandma maybe I was the grandson of the first shown. A pity there is no presence of my grandfather that was first called by God. Small time I am a reticent, even sort rarely cries while playing. My family was also very surprised to see I rarely cry..why??




me and my family

I was born to live together the family that contains a full of simplicity but blissfulness in it . There are four people in my family that is me and my sister and both my parents . My father is a policeman republic of indonesia . My father was a very responsible to the family . Because he , i learned so the people responsible and also have a sense of discipline . Then my mother was a housewife , if anyone ask me someday . The question about whom manager best i know , then i will answer she was my mother because he a manager who capable of manages a household meliorate without must learn a theory her alone which creates that theory . My mother was best man ever . My brother is a student in high school sudirman . He this year will continue to university what he wants . He an chatty , impatient , ill-tempered yet for all that i love my sister.

my hobby and activities

I have many hobbies like playing badminton, playing guitar, searcing for something on the internet, the streets, collecting comics as well as prototype fighter aircraft. All I do without the burden and make me happy always . But most often I do is play badminton as well as roads. If my body healthy addition to badminton can also interact with one another I yet know. If the streets were my second hobby. Refreshing thoughts for me is the most important thing. Although dry bag for me the streets do not have to spend money just to visit my friend home alone already makes me glad.

My everyday activities most lectures as usual. No load for me because it could meet with many students we can invite to share about all things on campus. If you’re tired of me most off the streets to the national library or the malls that have not I visit with not forget to invite my girlfriend and my friend …hhe