This is the way how the Prophet implemented the healthy living in him life.

always wakes up before shubuh

Wake up before dawn turned out to be an awful lot of advantages which are refreshing and healthy bodies as well as our minds because of the freshness of the air assured and also great for health because we will be spared from tuberculosis.

active in walking

This is very important for health where way that he did is very easily as apostles when the apostle were doing their activity , the apostle always walking to the mosque , market , or into wars . Because on foot weve avoid from heart disease . Sometimes what easy as welcome difficult before try it . So try and feel benefits .

not a temper

Messengers (rasul) always say: do not be angry until repeated as much as 3 times. This clearly indicates that essentially a human being will be seen from the cleanliness and also the health of his soul.

set meal

The Apostle said: we are a people who do not eat before the hungry and if we had not too much (not until satiety). You guys need to know that in the human body there are three section or space that is one-third to one-third of air, to water, and one-third more for food in another Hadith explained that fasting as stabilisation.

prayer night tahajud

This prayer as has been done by the Apostles turns can strengthen the body thickness, and also peace of soul that made the balance in ourselves.

It turns out healthy living doesn’t have to cost dearly. Enough to understand and also perform the Sunnah rasul then life will be more beautiful. I hope this article is useful