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Background problem

In General any company when selling and offering its products will be faced with a variety of constraints in terms of its marketing. The company continues to use the techniques and strategies that good un-tuk answers on how and how great the quality of service provided to users of consumer products. Customer satisfaction has always been a top priority has always payed by the company. Customer satisfaction is essentially a full evaluation of the alternative buy selected at lack of desired satisfaction can give consumers or exceeds a desired consumer. For motor manufacturers, motor sales which always increases each year to make the motor manufacturers think how to keep their level of income to rise or at least become the number one manufacturer of motorcycles in Indonesia. Various kinds of ways or strategy continue to be done by the motor manufacturer . It can be seen from their motor to consumer service users who keeps repairable from year to year . Pelayanan services service motor always being attentive to the user motor . Pelayanan service motor they could make the user motor feel sure and contented wear or anything picklock a motorcycle . But his service in fact not all the service official satisfying , or you could say away from the reabilitas which is the ability to provide services to fit as promised. This is caused due to lack of management in the service of the service such as its employees less professional, ethics and civility. The issue of service does not become a thing that is difficult to overcome but if less attention than the company can give rise to things due to its sensitive torrential. Service system can also be viewed and supported from the adequate facilities, quality guarantee, and also ethics and manners. Where as the purpose of the Ministry is to provide satisfaction to the consumers so that add value to the company.


ImageThat’s the word that there are always in our hearts. A gift from God that does not know when coming and goings. The most beautiful as beautiful as that created it. However sometimes we never understood the beauty of the love that, because we always think of it only as a requirement that ultimately only takes us on a love that is wrong.

Love never going wrong , our all the wrong define what it means to love that , because we too busy search for love so perfect . Essentially noble , love perfect there will be no if we not capable of making love is sesempurna possible . Flawlessly love sprlngs because of its simplicity of love itself . Who never looked castes , rich , in power or appearance . Crucially are we able to make love is like as it is . For love always teaches us not to be the head or become legs to the people we love but love always teaches us to there is always disisi our loved ones . Therefore has always a love , love always accepts any circumstances existing within us .

One thing is certain in this world is to love it comes at any given time . Love it will never together with the word or their money . For love comes from the heart of the most in .

If you love someone, do not ever you instill the fear of losing when love him. Rest assured that when she went from just any words before you smile happy in her heart.


People who are described as ” rich people ” is not a person who has a lot of things, but people who can enjoy whatever they have. Surely it shouldn’t be-okay we have desires, but we need to realize that this is no serene feeling of roots. We often focus on what we want, not on what we have. Let’s say you already have a House, vehicle, work continues, and the couple the best. But you still feel less. Your mind is filled with the target and wishes. Trends in us where we always membanding-bandingkan ourselves with other people. We feel others more fortunate. Wherever we go, there are always people who are smarter, better looking, more beautiful, more confident, and richer than us.

There is a story about an interesting grandfathers who complain that cannot be bought a shoes , whereas his shoes broken been a long time . A late afternoon he saw someone who don ‘t have legs , but still jauntiness . In that instant , the grandfather stop complaining and start grateful .

Therefore, life would be happier if we could enjoy what we have. Therefore thankful is the highest quality of care and we’re thankful we know how to appreciate all the gifts of God to us …



Who do not know Spanish soccer clubs that Zaragoza is also known as a Bar, is a sports club in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Not only the famous beauty of Barcelona the city but also the famous football club.

Gimnasio Sole Stadium, November 29, 1899. Eleven men of various nationalities attended a meeting. They intend to answer ads a month previously the Joan Gamper wants to set up a club in Barcelona. The influence of several figures from United Kingdom makes the Club chose the name Foot-Ball Club Barcelona. The colors red and blue was chosen because of the similar colors that Gamper was inspired to use the Club, FC Basel Switzerland. The club that was incarnated as one of the leading clubs in Spain.

Under the control of Gamper as President, Barcelona. First degree obtainable in 1902 at the Copa Macaya. However, after the club won the Campeonato de Catalu a 1905, Barcelona difficulty degree. Until 1925, the Gamper became Club President in five distinct periods. One achievement of an overlooked during the reign of Gamper is the ability of a Bar has its own stadium. In 1922, Barcelona Las Cortes, which occupy a capacity 10 thousand spectators. Later, the stadium was expanded to 60,000 spectators. The stadium is being used currently, Camp Nou, was adopted in 1957 and is the largest in Europe because it was able to accommodate 98.772 spectators.

he Club entered into a participant Primera Division n (Premier Division) since 1928, and together with Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao, a team that never relegated to Segunda Division (second Division) n. The Club also became the Club’s first league victory in Spain. With the offering of 21 league titles, Spain Copa del Rey title 25, 10 Spain Super Cup titles, four European Champions League titles, 4 degree UEFA Cup, European Super Cup: degree 4, FC Barcelona became one of the most successful teams in Spain, Europe, and the world. The most apparent when evidence in 2009 FC Barcelona managed to be the first successful clubs Spain won the Treble (champion of La Liga, Copa del Rey and the Champions League). Continued with victories Spain Super Cup, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup to complete a title Sextuples. Barcelona is the first football club in the world that does this. Barca Fans are also often called Cules.

Which country do not know how the magnitude of the potential of our country. Indonesia country state that could be called a paradise world. How does, it’s all here, in our country, we should be proud and thankful God created beauty in our country. The following facts:

  1. State the unity of the Republic of Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world where there are 17504 Islands. Where there are 3 of the 6 largest island-largest island in the world, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and papua. And country Indonesia remains one of the largest maritime countries in the world with waters covering 93 thousand km2 and long beach 81 thousand km2. Of course we’ll never get tired of going around Indonesia because of so much natural beauty that exist in Indonesia.
  2. In our country also had a culture of being so much because there is more than 740 nations where , the tribe of the most widely namely. in the papua . Not only that , the language of the region can then very much namely. 583 language used the different nations in indonesia .

  3. In Indonesia could arguably the world’s largest muslim country. Population professing the religion of islam around 216 million so that can be said of our country is a country with a number of the world’s largest Hajj quota.

  4. In the case of indonesia mining to be said the country was very influential in the world because indonesia is producing liquid natural gas lng ) the largest in the world . And second biggest tin producer . In terms of agricultural products which is producing cengkeh and ampala and shall become a manufacturer of both in terms of natural rubber and also crude palm oil . Not only that , indonesia also second biggest plywood the biggest ever .

  5. Indonesia is also listed as a country with a total population of most species of shark in the world about 150 species. And also Indonesia have the largest mangrove forest in the world.