Which country do not know how the magnitude of the potential of our country. Indonesia country state that could be called a paradise world. How does, it’s all here, in our country, we should be proud and thankful God created beauty in our country. The following facts:

  1. State the unity of the Republic of Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world where there are 17504 Islands. Where there are 3 of the 6 largest island-largest island in the world, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and papua. And country Indonesia remains one of the largest maritime countries in the world with waters covering 93 thousand km2 and long beach 81 thousand km2. Of course we’ll never get tired of going around Indonesia because of so much natural beauty that exist in Indonesia.
  2. In our country also had a culture of being so much because there is more than 740 nations where , the tribe of the most widely namely. in the papua . Not only that , the language of the region can then very much namely. 583 language used the different nations in indonesia .

  3. In Indonesia could arguably the world’s largest muslim country. Population professing the religion of islam around 216 million so that can be said of our country is a country with a number of the world’s largest Hajj quota.

  4. In the case of indonesia mining to be said the country was very influential in the world because indonesia is producing liquid natural gas lng ) the largest in the world . And second biggest tin producer . In terms of agricultural products which is producing cengkeh and ampala and shall become a manufacturer of both in terms of natural rubber and also crude palm oil . Not only that , indonesia also second biggest plywood the biggest ever .

  5. Indonesia is also listed as a country with a total population of most species of shark in the world about 150 species. And also Indonesia have the largest mangrove forest in the world.