People who are described as ” rich people ” is not a person who has a lot of things, but people who can enjoy whatever they have. Surely it shouldn’t be-okay we have desires, but we need to realize that this is no serene feeling of roots. We often focus on what we want, not on what we have. Let’s say you already have a House, vehicle, work continues, and the couple the best. But you still feel less. Your mind is filled with the target and wishes. Trends in us where we always membanding-bandingkan ourselves with other people. We feel others more fortunate. Wherever we go, there are always people who are smarter, better looking, more beautiful, more confident, and richer than us.

There is a story about an interesting grandfathers who complain that cannot be bought a shoes , whereas his shoes broken been a long time . A late afternoon he saw someone who don ‘t have legs , but still jauntiness . In that instant , the grandfather stop complaining and start grateful .

Therefore, life would be happier if we could enjoy what we have. Therefore thankful is the highest quality of care and we’re thankful we know how to appreciate all the gifts of God to us …