ImageThat’s the word that there are always in our hearts. A gift from God that does not know when coming and goings. The most beautiful as beautiful as that created it. However sometimes we never understood the beauty of the love that, because we always think of it only as a requirement that ultimately only takes us on a love that is wrong.

Love never going wrong , our all the wrong define what it means to love that , because we too busy search for love so perfect . Essentially noble , love perfect there will be no if we not capable of making love is sesempurna possible . Flawlessly love sprlngs because of its simplicity of love itself . Who never looked castes , rich , in power or appearance . Crucially are we able to make love is like as it is . For love always teaches us not to be the head or become legs to the people we love but love always teaches us to there is always disisi our loved ones . Therefore has always a love , love always accepts any circumstances existing within us .

One thing is certain in this world is to love it comes at any given time . Love it will never together with the word or their money . For love comes from the heart of the most in .

If you love someone, do not ever you instill the fear of losing when love him. Rest assured that when she went from just any words before you smile happy in her heart.