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Background problem

In General any company when selling and offering its products will be faced with a variety of constraints in terms of its marketing. The company continues to use the techniques and strategies that good un-tuk answers on how and how great the quality of service provided to users of consumer products. Customer satisfaction has always been a top priority has always payed by the company. Customer satisfaction is essentially a full evaluation of the alternative buy selected at lack of desired satisfaction can give consumers or exceeds a desired consumer. For motor manufacturers, motor sales which always increases each year to make the motor manufacturers think how to keep their level of income to rise or at least become the number one manufacturer of motorcycles in Indonesia. Various kinds of ways or strategy continue to be done by the motor manufacturer . It can be seen from their motor to consumer service users who keeps repairable from year to year . Pelayanan services service motor always being attentive to the user motor . Pelayanan service motor they could make the user motor feel sure and contented wear or anything picklock a motorcycle . But his service in fact not all the service official satisfying , or you could say away from the reabilitas which is the ability to provide services to fit as promised. This is caused due to lack of management in the service of the service such as its employees less professional, ethics and civility. The issue of service does not become a thing that is difficult to overcome but if less attention than the company can give rise to things due to its sensitive torrential. Service system can also be viewed and supported from the adequate facilities, quality guarantee, and also ethics and manners. Where as the purpose of the Ministry is to provide satisfaction to the consumers so that add value to the company.


ImageThat’s the word that there are always in our hearts. A gift from God that does not know when coming and goings. The most beautiful as beautiful as that created it. However sometimes we never understood the beauty of the love that, because we always think of it only as a requirement that ultimately only takes us on a love that is wrong.

Love never going wrong , our all the wrong define what it means to love that , because we too busy search for love so perfect . Essentially noble , love perfect there will be no if we not capable of making love is sesempurna possible . Flawlessly love sprlngs because of its simplicity of love itself . Who never looked castes , rich , in power or appearance . Crucially are we able to make love is like as it is . For love always teaches us not to be the head or become legs to the people we love but love always teaches us to there is always disisi our loved ones . Therefore has always a love , love always accepts any circumstances existing within us .

One thing is certain in this world is to love it comes at any given time . Love it will never together with the word or their money . For love comes from the heart of the most in .

If you love someone, do not ever you instill the fear of losing when love him. Rest assured that when she went from just any words before you smile happy in her heart.


People who are described as ” rich people ” is not a person who has a lot of things, but people who can enjoy whatever they have. Surely it shouldn’t be-okay we have desires, but we need to realize that this is no serene feeling of roots. We often focus on what we want, not on what we have. Let’s say you already have a House, vehicle, work continues, and the couple the best. But you still feel less. Your mind is filled with the target and wishes. Trends in us where we always membanding-bandingkan ourselves with other people. We feel others more fortunate. Wherever we go, there are always people who are smarter, better looking, more beautiful, more confident, and richer than us.

There is a story about an interesting grandfathers who complain that cannot be bought a shoes , whereas his shoes broken been a long time . A late afternoon he saw someone who don ‘t have legs , but still jauntiness . In that instant , the grandfather stop complaining and start grateful .

Therefore, life would be happier if we could enjoy what we have. Therefore thankful is the highest quality of care and we’re thankful we know how to appreciate all the gifts of God to us …



Who do not know Spanish soccer clubs that Zaragoza is also known as a Bar, is a sports club in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Not only the famous beauty of Barcelona the city but also the famous football club.

Gimnasio Sole Stadium, November 29, 1899. Eleven men of various nationalities attended a meeting. They intend to answer ads a month previously the Joan Gamper wants to set up a club in Barcelona. The influence of several figures from United Kingdom makes the Club chose the name Foot-Ball Club Barcelona. The colors red and blue was chosen because of the similar colors that Gamper was inspired to use the Club, FC Basel Switzerland. The club that was incarnated as one of the leading clubs in Spain.

Under the control of Gamper as President, Barcelona. First degree obtainable in 1902 at the Copa Macaya. However, after the club won the Campeonato de Catalu a 1905, Barcelona difficulty degree. Until 1925, the Gamper became Club President in five distinct periods. One achievement of an overlooked during the reign of Gamper is the ability of a Bar has its own stadium. In 1922, Barcelona Las Cortes, which occupy a capacity 10 thousand spectators. Later, the stadium was expanded to 60,000 spectators. The stadium is being used currently, Camp Nou, was adopted in 1957 and is the largest in Europe because it was able to accommodate 98.772 spectators.

he Club entered into a participant Primera Division n (Premier Division) since 1928, and together with Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao, a team that never relegated to Segunda Division (second Division) n. The Club also became the Club’s first league victory in Spain. With the offering of 21 league titles, Spain Copa del Rey title 25, 10 Spain Super Cup titles, four European Champions League titles, 4 degree UEFA Cup, European Super Cup: degree 4, FC Barcelona became one of the most successful teams in Spain, Europe, and the world. The most apparent when evidence in 2009 FC Barcelona managed to be the first successful clubs Spain won the Treble (champion of La Liga, Copa del Rey and the Champions League). Continued with victories Spain Super Cup, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup to complete a title Sextuples. Barcelona is the first football club in the world that does this. Barca Fans are also often called Cules.

Which country do not know how the magnitude of the potential of our country. Indonesia country state that could be called a paradise world. How does, it’s all here, in our country, we should be proud and thankful God created beauty in our country. The following facts:

  1. State the unity of the Republic of Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world where there are 17504 Islands. Where there are 3 of the 6 largest island-largest island in the world, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and papua. And country Indonesia remains one of the largest maritime countries in the world with waters covering 93 thousand km2 and long beach 81 thousand km2. Of course we’ll never get tired of going around Indonesia because of so much natural beauty that exist in Indonesia.
  2. In our country also had a culture of being so much because there is more than 740 nations where , the tribe of the most widely namely. in the papua . Not only that , the language of the region can then very much namely. 583 language used the different nations in indonesia .

  3. In Indonesia could arguably the world’s largest muslim country. Population professing the religion of islam around 216 million so that can be said of our country is a country with a number of the world’s largest Hajj quota.

  4. In the case of indonesia mining to be said the country was very influential in the world because indonesia is producing liquid natural gas lng ) the largest in the world . And second biggest tin producer . In terms of agricultural products which is producing cengkeh and ampala and shall become a manufacturer of both in terms of natural rubber and also crude palm oil . Not only that , indonesia also second biggest plywood the biggest ever .

  5. Indonesia is also listed as a country with a total population of most species of shark in the world about 150 species. And also Indonesia have the largest mangrove forest in the world.


Did you know that drink softdrink it ‘s not good for us. the following explanation:

  • It turns out the softdrink why sebernarnya mengurah the water in our bodies, because of the high levels of sugar processing in the softdrink requires water in our body. Control softdrink will never eliminate the thirst will certainly cause us susceptible to dehydration is high which will make our immune system will decrease water to replace this., it may take 8 to 12 glasses of water for every glass of the drink.
  • Turned out in phosphate content belongs to the softdrink high levels so that it can destroy important minerals in our body if done continuously it is not impossible it will cause heart disease, osteoporosis and more. Some vitamins also will not work inside our body because there are no minerals.
  • It turns out the softdrink can also clean the rust on the car bumper or other metal objects. Can think about what would it be if this drink belongs to our body. It’s not only softdrink also contain aspartame, which could lead to depression, insomnia, nervous diseases, and others.
  • the softdrink is very acidic, the human body naturally has a pH of 7.0. Softdrink has a pH of 2.5, it means you put something that hundreds of thousands of times more acid into your body. For example, the pH of the body with cancer has always been low. The more severe the disease, the lower the Ph of our bodies.

It seems like that’s all I can share with you guys, this paper is not to scare anyone but rather merely reminded how important it is to keep our health. Hopefully this article will benefit all of us


1. Which of the following is NOT true ?

A.   Winners placed olive wreaths on their own heads.

B.   The games were held in Greece every four years.

C.   Battles were interrupted to participate in the games.

D.   Poem glorified the winners in song.

Answer : C. Battles were interrupted to participate in the games.

Reason :  battles were not interupted, look in line 15 (Originally these contests were held as games of friendship and any wars in progress were halted to allow the games to take place.)

2. The word “elite” in line 5 is closest in meaning to…

A.  aristocracy

B.   Brave

C.   intellectuals

D.   muscular

Answer : A. aristocracy

Reason : in Indonesian elite meaning “golongan atas/elit, and aristocracy is a word which means that it is the same as that word

3. Why were the Olympic Games held?

A.   To stop wars

B.   To honor Zeus

C.   To crown the best athletes

D.   To sing songs about the athletes

Answer : B. To honor Zeus

Look at the first sentence in the story ; the first Olympic Games were held at the foot of Mount Olympus to honor the Greek’s chief god,Zeus.

4.Approximately how many years ago did these games originate?

A.   800 years

B.   1200 years

C.   2300 years

D.   2800 years

Answer : D. 2800 years

Reason : if viewed from years now….from 776 BC until 2012 approximately 2700 years.

5.What conclusion can we draw about the ancient Greeks?

A.   They were pacifists

B.   They believed athletic events were important

C.   They were very simple

D.   They couldn’t count, so they used “Olympiads” for dates

Answer : B. They believed athletic events were important

Reason : according to the text in line 18 (paragraph 2) “The greeks attached so much importance to the games that they calculated time in four year cycles called Olympiad”. So they believed event like Olympic games were important to their prestige.

6.What is the main idea of this passage?

A.   Physical fitness was an integral part of the lives of the ancient Greeks

B.   The Greeks severely punished those who did not participate in physical fitness programs

C.   The Greeks had always encouraged everyone to participate in the games

D.   The Greeks had the games coincide with religious festivities so that they could go back to war when the games were over

Answer : A.   Physical fitness was an integral part of the lives of the ancient Greeks.

Reason : Option A –> the article’s is suitable to main idea because contain all about the history of Olympic Games and focused about The Greeks that emphasized physical fitness and strength to their education of youth. Option B –> a wrong statement because the punishment is for any who disobeyed the rules of Olympic. Option C –> a wrong statement because the games were just open to all free Greek males who had no criminal record. Option D –>this statement is not suitable the main idea.

7. In line 14, the word “deeds” is closest in meaning to…

A.   Accomplishments

B.   Ancestors

C.   Documents

D.   Property

Answer : A.   Accomplishments

Reason : in Indonesian, deeds meaning to perbuatan. so deeds more refers to accomplishments that meaning to ‘prestasi/pencapaian’.

8. Which of the following was ultimately required of all athletes competing in the Olympics?

A.   They must have completed military service.

B.   They had to attend special training sessions

C.   They had to be Greek males with no criminal record

D.   They had to be very religious

Answer : C.   They had to be Greek males with no criminal record

Reason : According to the third sentence in paragraph 1 ; …..but the later games were open to all free Greek males who had no criminal record.

9. The word “halted” in line 16 means most nearly the same as…

A.   Encourages

B.   Started

C.   Curtailed

D.   Fixed

Answer : C.   Curtailed

Reason : “any war in progress were halted”, and curtailed means the most nearly the same as halted.

10. What is an “Olympiad”?

A.   The time it took to finish the games

B.   The time between games

C.   The it took to finish a war

D.   The time it took the athletes to train

Answer : B.   The time between games

Reason : look at the first line in the second paragraph; The Greeks attached so much importance to the games that they calculated time in four-year cycles called “Olympiads”.


1. The defendant refused to answer the prosecutor’s questions…..

A.   Because he was afraid it would incriminate him

B.   For fear that they will incriminate him

C.   Because he was afraid that his answers would incriminate him

D.   Fearing that he will be incriminated by it

Answer : C.   Because he was afraid that his answers would incriminate him

Reason : there is a complete independent clause and dependent clause, and match in tenses. Because actually that sentences can stand alone, so just find a clause that will complete it with correctly.

2. Mrs.Walker has returned…..

A.   A wallet back to its original owner

B.   To its original owner the wallet

C.   The wallet to its originally owner

D.   The wallet to its original owner

Answer : D.   The wallet to its original owner

Reason :  the option C &  D are almost look alike. But answers (a)is redudancy. (b) the indirect object (original owner) preceds the direct subject (The wallet). (c) originally is adverb

3.The hospital owes……for the construction of the new wing.

A.   The government twenty million dollars

B.   For the government twenty million dollars

C.   To the government twenty million dollars

D.   Twenty million of dollars to the government

Answer : D.   Twenty million of dollars to the government

Reason : The best dependent clause is D because the dependent clause that is explained what is the hospital owes.

4. Sarah…..that she could not attend classes next week

A.   Told to her professors

B.   Said her professors

C.   Told her professors

D.   Is telling her professors

Answer : D.   Is telling her professors

Reason : Sarah is telling her professor that she could not attend classes next week. The tenses is must be present continuous in this sentece because the event is happening now. that sarah is telling her professor about her presence matter for the next week class. S + To be (am, are, is) + present participle (bentuk-ing).

5.The artist was asked to show some paintings at the contest because…

A.   He painted very good

B.   They believed he painted well

C.   Of their belief that he was an good artist

D.   The judges had been told of his talents

Answer : D.   The judges had been told of his talents

Reason : Because, The judges is a correct antecendent of pronoun and in the other option they and their can not use to this sentence. Look into the option (a) he painted very good.

For number 6-10 colors used for selection of answers RED for (a), BLUE (b), YELLOW (c) and ORANGE (d).

6. If motorists do not observe the traffic regulations, they will be stopped, ticketed, and have to pay a fine.

Reason :

The sentence above must be parallelism. Stopped and ticketed, both of them are verb…but have to pay a fine is not suitable, so it must be change with verb too

The correct sentence : If motorists do not observe the traffic regulations, they will be stopped, ticketed, and fined.

7.Fred, who usually conducts the choir rehearsals, did not show up last night because he had  an accident on his way to the practice

Reason :

Because the accident is already happen.So, we should use the past perfect tense.

The correct sentence :

Fred, who usually conducts the choir rehearsals, did not show up last night because he had had an accident on his way to the practice.

8. A short time before her operation last month , Mrs.Carlyle  dreams of her daughter who lives overseas.

Reason :

Because it happened last month,  so we should use the past perfect tense.

The correct sentence : A short time before her operation last month , Mrs.Carlyle  had dreamed  of her daughter who lives overseas.

9. The atmosphere in Andalucia is open, warm, and gives a welcome feeling to all who have the good fortune to visit there.

Reason :

The sentence above must be parallelism. Open and warm, both of them are adjective.  So must be following with adjective too. Gives a welcome feeling is a new clause. Change it with welcome.

The correct sentence : The atmosphere in Andalucia is open, warm, and welcome to all who have the good fortune to visit there.

10. Some of the people were standing in the street watched the parade, while others were singing songs.

Reason :

The sentence above must be parallelism. Standing and Singing, both of them are verb in present continuous / the happening event. So watched must be change with the same tenses too.

The correct sentence : Some of the people were standing in the street watching the parade, while others were singing songs.


This is the way how the Prophet implemented the healthy living in him life.

always wakes up before shubuh

Wake up before dawn turned out to be an awful lot of advantages which are refreshing and healthy bodies as well as our minds because of the freshness of the air assured and also great for health because we will be spared from tuberculosis.

active in walking

This is very important for health where way that he did is very easily as apostles when the apostle were doing their activity , the apostle always walking to the mosque , market , or into wars . Because on foot weve avoid from heart disease . Sometimes what easy as welcome difficult before try it . So try and feel benefits .

not a temper

Messengers (rasul) always say: do not be angry until repeated as much as 3 times. This clearly indicates that essentially a human being will be seen from the cleanliness and also the health of his soul.

set meal

The Apostle said: we are a people who do not eat before the hungry and if we had not too much (not until satiety). You guys need to know that in the human body there are three section or space that is one-third to one-third of air, to water, and one-third more for food in another Hadith explained that fasting as stabilisation.

prayer night tahajud

This prayer as has been done by the Apostles turns can strengthen the body thickness, and also peace of soul that made the balance in ourselves.

It turns out healthy living doesn’t have to cost dearly. Enough to understand and also perform the Sunnah rasul then life will be more beautiful. I hope this article is useful

Everything about me will be explained here

First, I want to introduce my self. My name is Heri Budi Setiawan, both of my parents was the one who gave the name. Later later on when it will be someone great I good pekertinya and also always adheres to a word loyalty. My father said Kalu fidelity is the price that died to a man and also the key to be appreciated by others. Actually my first name at that time not Heri but Hari later when I was 2 or 3 years elected name Heri. Perhaps the name heri used to honor the service of a friend’s father has been credited to my family.

my childhood

I was born in Jakarta on 17 October 1990 to be exact, at 12 pm Friday night. Plasticity scary was born in Friday night …hhe, on that day the Lord is presenting me this kedunia to perfect happiness to my family. the voice of weeping shall accompany my arrival to this world of that time. With a weight of 3 pounds my mother bore me with normal without any problem whit him.

This is a photo I took was 3 years old. These times are very happy for the same age as 3 years. I was received by my family first by my grandma maybe I was the grandson of the first shown. A pity there is no presence of my grandfather that was first called by God. Small time I am a reticent, even sort rarely cries while playing. My family was also very surprised to see I rarely cry..why??




me and my family

I was born to live together the family that contains a full of simplicity but blissfulness in it . There are four people in my family that is me and my sister and both my parents . My father is a policeman republic of indonesia . My father was a very responsible to the family . Because he , i learned so the people responsible and also have a sense of discipline . Then my mother was a housewife , if anyone ask me someday . The question about whom manager best i know , then i will answer she was my mother because he a manager who capable of manages a household meliorate without must learn a theory her alone which creates that theory . My mother was best man ever . My brother is a student in high school sudirman . He this year will continue to university what he wants . He an chatty , impatient , ill-tempered yet for all that i love my sister.

my hobby and activities

I have many hobbies like playing badminton, playing guitar, searcing for something on the internet, the streets, collecting comics as well as prototype fighter aircraft. All I do without the burden and make me happy always . But most often I do is play badminton as well as roads. If my body healthy addition to badminton can also interact with one another I yet know. If the streets were my second hobby. Refreshing thoughts for me is the most important thing. Although dry bag for me the streets do not have to spend money just to visit my friend home alone already makes me glad.

My everyday activities most lectures as usual. No load for me because it could meet with many students we can invite to share about all things on campus. If you’re tired of me most off the streets to the national library or the malls that have not I visit with not forget to invite my girlfriend and my friend …hhe

Jakarta – Menteri Badan Usaha Milik Negara (BUMN) Dahlan Iskan menyayangkan aksi demo yang dilakukan banyak masyarakat di Indonesia dalam rangka menolak kenaikan harga Bahan Bakar Minyak (BBM) subsidi. Pasalnya, demo tersebut menggangu aktifitas perekonomian.

Menurutnya di Indonesia memang sudah biasa kepentingan ekonomi kalah oleh kepentingan politik. jika diteruskan, hal ini bisa berbahaya bagi kelanjutan bangsa ini.

“Ratusan ribu kepentingan masyarakat terganggu oleh ribuan demonstran sehingga kepentingan ekonomi kalah oleh kepentingan politik,” katanya kepada detikFinance, Jumat (30/3/2012).

Ia mengatakan, jika kebiasaan ini terus dilakukan, maka bangsa Indonesia akan sulit bersaing dengan negara tetangga seperti, Malaysia dan Singapura.

“Kalau terlalu sering kepentingan ekonomi kalah dengan kepentingan politik bangsa ini akan sulit bersaing dengan negara tetangga seperti Malaysia apalagi Singapura,” ujarnya.

Seperti diketahui, ribuan massa terkonsentrasi di depan pintu gerbang gedung DPR di Jalan Gatot Subroto sejak pagi tadi. Massa meminta DPR tidak menyetujui rencana kenaikkan BBM subsidi oleh pemerintah 1 April nanti.

Para demonstran yang masih tenang pun mulai beringas selepas menunaikan ibadah solat Jumat bareng di lokasi yang sama. Salah satu kerusakan yang diakibatkan aksi massa itu adalah gerbang DPR dan pagar pembatas tol milik Jasa Marga.

Atas demo tersebut, lalu lintas Jakarta di beberapa ruas lumpuh. Aktifitas ekonomi di ibukota pun menjadi terbatas. Pasalnya, tol yang diduduki demonstran berada di pusat kota yang merupakan salah satu tol paling sibuk di Jakarta.


As we know , thousands of masses concentrated outside the gate dpr building in gatot subroto since this morning . Mass asked dpr not approved the planned fuel oil price hikes subsidized by the government 1 april . I think as indonesian citizen good should we be able to be wise . In one hand we defend the people who cannot on one side and we have to understand that interests in indonesia not only for one person or two people , but will a lot of interest on the individuals .

I am also disappointed with the attitude of the demonstrators that the day the anarchist Act. It’s definitely not an action that does not represent the people who are suffering. They only think of the sheer selfishness. Keep the existence of moral cultivation in their hearts as good citizens when performing their first action demonstrations. And the Government is expected soon to resolve the problem of rising prices of fuel oil so that his decision could clear whether approved or not approved.