Background problem

In General any company when selling and offering its products will be faced with a variety of constraints in terms of its marketing. The company continues to use the techniques and strategies that good un-tuk answers on how and how great the quality of service provided to users of consumer products. Customer satisfaction has always been a top priority has always payed by the company. Customer satisfaction is essentially a full evaluation of the alternative buy selected at lack of desired satisfaction can give consumers or exceeds a desired consumer. For motor manufacturers, motor sales which always increases each year to make the motor manufacturers think how to keep their level of income to rise or at least become the number one manufacturer of motorcycles in Indonesia. Various kinds of ways or strategy continue to be done by the motor manufacturer . It can be seen from their motor to consumer service users who keeps repairable from year to year . Pelayanan services service motor always being attentive to the user motor . Pelayanan service motor they could make the user motor feel sure and contented wear or anything picklock a motorcycle . But his service in fact not all the service official satisfying , or you could say away from the reabilitas which is the ability to provide services to fit as promised. This is caused due to lack of management in the service of the service such as its employees less professional, ethics and civility. The issue of service does not become a thing that is difficult to overcome but if less attention than the company can give rise to things due to its sensitive torrential. Service system can also be viewed and supported from the adequate facilities, quality guarantee, and also ethics and manners. Where as the purpose of the Ministry is to provide satisfaction to the consumers so that add value to the company.